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Chevron Cutting Board

Chevron Cutting Board


This pieced chevron board makes a perfect present for birthdays, engagements, housewarmings, weddings, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and special holidays.  


It makes a gorgeous centerpiece and can display a variety of foods for your holiday or special occasion.


Style: Cutting Board

Dimensions: 12.75” x 12.25” x 2” and 12.5” x 12” x 2”

Material: Maple Walnut Ash Sapele Mahogany

Finish: Mineral Oil and Beeswax blend

Product Care: Oil once a month  


  • Each cutting board is uniquely handcrafted and makes a beautiful addition to any kitchen.   

  • Solid hardwoods are specifically chosen to enhance the design of each finished board.   

  • The chevron board also comes with non-slip rubber feet.   

  • We use an industrial-grade glue for the pieced boards, then sand to a smooth finish.  

  • Cutting & charcuterie boards are treated with a mineral oil & beeswax blend.  

  • Only natural woods are used--no stains or dyes.  

  • Finish is non-toxic, 100% food safe, with zero VOCs.    

  • INSTRUCTIONS on how to care for your product will be included.  


This handmade board comes in a size perfect for your needs. It makes a fantastic centerpiece for any kitchen.  We are certain that you will receive a unique creation that you will love.  




If there is any issue, question, or feedback, we are happy to assist!  



It is recommended to wipe off cutting boards with water and soap after each use.   

NEVER immerse wooden products in water or let water sit on the surface.   

NEVER clean in dishwasher. Towel dry. Re-apply mineral oil as necessary.  

Every board comes with care instructions and a free sample of my signature cutting board conditioner “Butter Me Up”.  This durable cutting board will make the perfect gift this holiday season.  

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