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Layered Lake Life/Maple Leaf - Wood Wall Art

Layered Lake Life/Maple Leaf - Wood Wall Art


This 8-layer wall art piece measures 12" wide x 13" high, 1.5" deep. 

The layers are made with various colors of stained wood, giving each piece its own character.


Each component of this wall art was handmade, from design & layout to cutting & staining to the final assembly of the finished work.


We take great pride in our work and are sure you will be pleased and satisfied with the end result!


We accept special requests, including size and colors.

Any custom order will receive a mock-up to approve after payment and before delivery.

We will match your requests to the best of our ability.   

Custom orders will take 5-7 days to ship.

Message me with your request and I'll respond ASAP!


Thank you for viewing Tabula Rasa Woodworks!

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